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Townhomes & Townhouses For Rent

What is a Townhouse? What is a Townhome?

Townhomes and townhouses are two different words to describe the same type of housing - a condensed single-family home. Fit for urban living, townhomes and townhouses provide many of the same aesthetic qualities of a two-story home. While apartments are one-story units, townhomes feature similar floor plan square footage, but split between two stories with the communal rooms (kitchen, dining room, and living room) on the bottom floor and private quarters (bedrooms) on the top floor.

While most townhomes are for rent, there are also options to purchase - similar to condos versus condos for rent.

Why do Townhomes and Townhouses make Great Rentals?

Townhomes provide a nice change from the typical apartment for rent. When living with roommates, having a clear separation between the communal rooms and bedrooms helps create privacy and makes it easier for a roommate to find solace if the other roommates have people over. While you share a wall with neighbors, you will not have anyone above you or below, so you can say goodbye to listening to your neighbors footsteps.

Townhomes for rent are most commonly two bedrooms, but three bedroom and four bedroom townhomes are out there, just a bit more rare. Townhomes often come with a small patio, porch, and occasionally upstairs balcony that provides options for outdoor storage, a barbeque, or a place to store a bike. While the outdoor space is rarely bigger than 50 square feet, it’s often quite useful. A full bathroom (sink, toilet and shower/bath) is often on the top floor and a half bathroom (just a sink and toilet) are often on the bottom floor underneath the staircase.

Like apartments, townhomes are available for different types of renters with different incomes. For example, individuals that make below a certain income relative to their area may be eligible for low income townhomes. Like low income apartments, these types of townhomes are just like regular townhomes, but receive subsidies from housing programs to provide affordable townhomes to those in need.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, luxury townhomes and townhouses are available for those looking for the finer rental amenities. Some of these types of amenities might include 3 story floor plans, attached garages, upgraded finishes, lighting fixtures, and appliances, gated communities.

How to find Townhomes for Rent with RentLingo in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Use our search bar, select your city, or click “Find Townhomes for Rent Near Me.”
    Finding a townhome for rent with RentLingo is easy. Use the search bar above to type in your city or zipcode to find townhouses for rent in any major U.S. city. We’ve included a list of the most popular cities above as well to make things easy. And, if you want to make things very easy, just click “Find townhomes for rent near me” and we’ll show you if anything is available for rent in your neighborhood.
  2. View Townhouse & Townhome Options in your City and Near You
    Once you arrive at the city of your search, you will see a list of available townhomes to rent where you will see where they are located in your city, how many bedrooms are available and how much they cost to rent.
  3. Review Townhome Listings & Property Amenities
    In each townhome listing, you will find useful information about the townhome community with lists of in-unit amenities as well as community amenities. You can also filter the map view of your interested townhome and use unique RentLingo features such as the Noise Index and Charm Index to get useful information about the neighborhood such as how noisy it is as night and how charming the neighborhood is.
  4. Check Availability
    If the townhome looks good, all you need to do is click “Check Availability” and you will be able to send a short message to the property management about your interest in their townhouses and the property management will reply back shortly with more information.
  5. Have more questions about townhomes? Check out our Condos vs. Townhouses guide to learn about the differences and similarities of these two popular types of rentals.