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Finding a good, cheap apartment is hard. While there are many resources for an apartment finder, it's hard to know if an apartment is actually good when searching online.

This is why we hire local experts, typically former property managers, to review apartments, so that we can provide you ratings to help you find the best apartment available.

RentLingo was created because of this frustration that comes from the apartment search process. While there are many great apartments in great locations that are affordable, it should not be so hard to find them. By using professionals to review apartments, RentLingo has created an apartment rating system that will allow you to locate the best apartments for rent near you.

Apartment Pictures and Videos
What is an apartment locator without pictures and videos to give you an idea what your potential apartment looks like? When searching for apartment complexes for rent with RentLingo, you will find pictures and videos of each apartment so that you can find the best rental for you.
Neighborhood and Location Information
Often, half the battle of finding an affordable apartment is finding one in a neighborhood that you like. That's why RentLingo has created two unique tools that help you gather all the information you need about the apartment complex and its location to make the right choice.
  • With the Noise Index, you can find the quietest neighborhoods and check to see how quiet your apartment's location is. The Noise Index pulls data on nearby busy streets, loud restaurants, railroads and more to give you an idea just how loud the location is.
  • We'll also help you find the best areas near you with the Charm Index. The Charm Index will help you pinpoint neighborhoods with lots of local businesses, community parks, well-rated restaurants, and low crime.
Precise Apartment Locator Options
The perfect apartment is different for everyone and that's why RentLingo will help you find every type of apartment available. Whether it's a townhouse, a 3 bedroom 2 bath, pet friendly apartments, studio apartments, or just any place for rent near you, you'll be able to find them with RentLingo. You can search by any U.S. city or click "apartments for rent near me" to instantly find apartments nearby.
While your obvious first question will inevitably be "where are the cheap apartments near me?" the second question will be "is this apartment any good?" When searching online, it can be difficult to dig through the dirt of apartment reviews. You never know if the reviews are truly honest - maybe a previous renter had an axe to grind or maybe the apartment's management created fake reviews.
That's why RentLingo hires professionals to anonymously tour apartments with an approach similar to Zagat. By sending former property manager and professionals from the the rentals industry, RentLingo has apartment ratings you can trust.
Over 30 Reviewed Criteria
Over Thirty Reviewed Criteria
RentLingo's apartment ratings are based on over 30 criteria from our experts' in-person inspections. You will find apartments rated between 1 star to 5 - 5 stars signalling the best apartments available.
You might be thinking that only the luxury apartments for rent receive 5 stars, but that's not true. While luxury apartments are high-end and do include all of the bells and whistles that you would expect, we often find cheap apartments for rent that score highly because they are managed well, kept up-to-date, have pleasant communities and are in great locations. Just because an apartment is affordable doesn't mean it is less quality. And that's the real goal behind RentLingo, to find the best cheap apartments for rent near you!

Asking yourself where are "apartment complexes near me?" Just type in your zip code above and refine the results to find cheap apartments in the location you are searching for!

Do you see an apartment listed in on RentLingo that you've lived in before? Then leave a personal review! While our professional reviews are unbiased and helpful, leaving comments on apartments for your friends can help those you know find (or stay away from) an apartment in your neighborhood. Be a good samaritan and leave an honest review to give other apartment finders some extra feedback so that they can find a great, cheap apartment for rent.

For more information on apartment living, visit RentLingo's Renter's Resources for information such as:

Apartment Complex Managers

Managing your apartment complex's online reputation is difficult with so many different apartment review sites available. With RentLingo's professional reviews you can be rest-assured that our reviews are fair and unbiased. While we will point out areas that need improvement in your apartments, we also highlight the strengths of what you offer.

If we have reviewed your apartment complex and you've made significant changes, contact us and we will tour again so that we can provide the most accurate review of your apartments. Just click the link for managers below any expert review and let us know if you think we've gotten something wrong. We ultimately hope that you find the assessment we share with apartment finders on our site is a fair one.