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RentLingo is the biggest source of expert apartment reviews

RentLingo is more than your typical apartment finder. We hire local experts, typically former Property Managers, to rate and review apartments for rent.

Created by two Stanford students frustrated with the apartment search process, RentLingo emerged out of the idea that there are great apartments out there, but it shouldn't have to be so hard to find them. By creating a professional rating and reviewing system, RentLingo provides the most resourceful apartment guide for finding the best apartment available.

Apartment Pictures and Videos
We have all the pictures and videos you need to get an idea of what your prospective apartment rental and its amenities will look like.
Neighborhood Descriptions
Not only do we review apartments, but we include a summary of the immediate neighborhood so that you know if your neighbors include McDonalds, railroads, or abandoned vehicles. We even provide detailed noise level of every single street in the neighborhood through machine learning and crowdsourced information - like our Noise Index, which you can find alongside other helpful apartment renting tips on our resources page. We've got insights there that even the best apartment finder couldn't tell you.
Precise Search Options
Whether you are looking for a cheap apartment, pet friendly apartments, 3+ bedrooms, or only 5 star rating, luxury apartments, you'll be able to find them instantly on RentLingo. Search any US city or click "apartments for rent near me" to instantly find apartments nearby.
When reviews are a free for all, the quality goes down. Whether it's bias, anonymity, people with axes to grind, or even businesses saturating online review sites with their own reviews, it can be difficult to find a review that you can trust. This is troubling when the decision you are making – finding an apartment for rent - will affect your daily life for the next 12 months or more.
RentLingo takes the opposite approach to apartment reviews by hiring professionals to anonymously tour apartments. Our approach is similar to Zagat. By using former property managers and professional apartment finders, we send people that have been immersed in the apartment industry to review apartment properties. So, not only are they knowledgeable about how one apartment holds up with another, they lack the bias and lack of perspective you might find on other review sites. You could say we’re building an apartment guide that serves renters.
Over 30 Reviewed Criteria
Over 30 Reviewed Criteria
RentLingo ratings are based on over 30 criteria from our experts' in-person inspection. Every apartment reviewed has been inspected thoroughly inside and out. We score on a 1-5 scale. A perfect 5 is rare to find and are reserved for only the very best apartments for rent.
Sometimes people equate price to rating and while sometimes they're correlated, price is not (and should not) be necessary for a high review. While luxury apartments are by definition, high end, and include all the bells and whistles that are included in that price, there are always those apartment properties managed by excellent teams that strive for the best and seek to cultivate a strong and attractive community at an affordable rate. Cheap apartments that are high quality do exist. An affordable apartment doesn’t happen to be a bad one. Our ratings help apartment finders quickly discover these gems. Our mission is to help you find the best apartments for rent that fit your budget. Remember, with apartment rentals, cheap does not necessarily mean bad quality.

Lived in an apartment rental before? Help other renters out and share your perspective. It's good karma! Let us and your friends know by submitting your own review of your apartment. We give you the option of using your Facebook profile in order to get past the problem of anonymous user-reviews, so that you can see what your friends have said about an area you are looking into. The extra input helps make our apartment guide better and gives more power to each and every apartment finder.


As any property manager or leasing agent knows, maintaining a positive online reputation is essential for your business. RentLingo provides an honest answer to the problems created by many user-generated review sites. While RentLingo is not afraid to point out the weaknesses of an apartment, we look for the positives in every apartment community no matter what the overall quality is. Also, if you've made significant changes to your property since we toured your property, let us know so that we can review your property again. Our mission is to be accurate. Just click the link for managers below any expert review and let us know if you think we've gotten something wrong. We ultimately hope that you find the assessment we share with apartment finders on our site is a fair one.

Furthermore, if you like your RentLingo review so much that you want to share it to all potential renters, we offer an online badge that you can embed on your own website. Properties that have installed a RentLingo review badge have seen a 30% gain in lead conversion rate!