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Studio Apartments For Rent

What is a Studio Apartment?

The studio apartment is the apartment for the minimalist. Defined by its size, studio apartments are the smallest option in an apartment complex. They are generally comprised of two main rooms - the main room and a bathroom. The main room features the bedroom, living quarters and kitchen. The size of the kitchen and its appliances can vary between studio apartments - some studios will have full-sized appliances, others may have smaller appliances like a mini-fridge or 2 burner stove.

Why Studio Apartments are Great to Rent?

Studios are a great choice for many reasons. The obvious one, studio apartments are often just a cheaper alternative than other rental types like townhomes or condos for rent. But not only that, when living in a large city, the extra space of a one bedroom apartment for only a single person is often just unnecessary. The cost of splitting a two bedroom apartment might be a little less than what it would be to rent a studio, but that extra $100-$200 allows you the freedom of living alone without all of the quirks of living with roommates to upset you.

While there are plenty of cheap studio apartments to go around, studios also exist on the luxury side as well. While the square footage might not change too drastically, the quality and offerings of the apartment complex’s amenities and property management’s services can vary greatly between cheap studios and luxury ones. For example, a luxury studio apartment community may provide gym, pool and spa access, package delivery lockers for easy retrieval, and additional storage options.

How to Find Studio Apartments for Rent with RentLingo in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Use RentLingo’s search bar, select your city, or click "Find Studio Apartments for Rent Near Me."
    It's simple to choose a studio apartment to rent with RentLingo. You can either type in the city or zipcode that you want to find apartments in with the search bar above, choose from the list of popular U.S. cities we feature studio apartments in, or you can just click "Find Studio Apartments for Rent Near Me" and we’ll show what is available in your location.
  2. View the Studio Options In Your City or Near You
    Once you arrive at the city of your choice, you will be able to look at the prices and locations of studio apartments in your city of choice. You can select using a map, or just scroll through the list of available studio apartments till you find one that meets your criteria.
  3. Review Studio Apartment Listings, Amenity Details, & Location Information
    When you find a studio apartment that meets your criteria, click it to view all of the extra information you’ll want to know before messaging the property manager. You can view pictures of the studios, the pricing for different floor plans, and a list of amenities. Also, you can use RentLingo’s map filters to learn how noisy the neighborhood and how charming it is with the Noise Index amd Charm Index. Plus, you can see if previous renters left any reviews about the property or the neighborhood around it.
  4. Check Availability
    When you find the right studio apartment, simply click “Check Availability” for a prompt to send your information to the property management. Make sure to apply to several apartments in case the studio gets filled in.