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Finding Condos for Rent With RentLingo

Looking for a condo to rent? RentLingo features thousands of condominiums in all of the largest U.S. cities. With RentLingo you can search for different types of condos such as 1, 2 or 3 room condos, townhomes, and pet-friendly condos. Plus, you can find condo complexes with great amenities such as gyms, pools, tennis courts, movie theaters, dog parks and more.

RentLingo is the Largest Source of Condo and Apartment Complex Reviews

Not only will you find condominiums for rent with RentLingo, but you will have also be able to view professional condo reviews so that you can find the best condo for rent available. RentLingo hires former property managers to review and rate apartments, condos, and townhomes. By hiring unbiased reviewers who know the ins and outs of condominium and apartment living, you will be sure to find the best condo for rent.

Also, at RentLingo, you will find renter reviews for both apartment and condo complexes and the neighborhoods and cities nearby. While renter reviews can be a bit subjective, the extra information is always worth a look so that you can find a neighborhood that is safe and convenient.

Tips To Finding A Great Condominium for Rent

  • Know Your Location - The location of your condo can make or break your living situation, so it’s best to research the location as much as possible. Know the proximity of grocery stores and convenience stores and consider how busy the area is and simple it is to park for you and your guests. When searching with RentLingo, use our map features - the Charm Index and Noise Index - to learn more about the area. You can use these tools to pinpoint charming areas vs. non-charming areas as well as which complexes are in noisy locations versus quiet ones.
  • Know How Much You Can Afford - When it comes to your budget, renting an apartment and renting a condo are very similar. The goal is to spend no more than a ⅓ of your income on rent. Check out our Rental Affordability Calculator to learn more.
  • Condos are a bit different than apartments. Where apartments are owned by property management companies, condos are owned by private owners and often require HOA fees and can be a bit more expensive. As far as the actual rooms, however, condos and apartments are one of the same. Learn more about Condos vs. Apartments and Condos vs. Townhomes.