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Where Should I Live?

Every apartment search begins with the question - Where Should I Live?

Here at RentLingo, we wanted to help renters answer this eternal question, "where should I live?" in a way that suits a world that is constantly looking for apartments for rent. Since movement is a defining part of our culture, "where should I live?" has become a quiz we ask ourselves over and over again. The answer we provide is often a stab at creating a baseline for our happiness.

What is the Charm Index?

We created this with the belief that local businesses are what define a neighborhood's charm. They offer the flavor of the area. We wanted to show this to everyone, so that when deciding where to live, whether you are moving from a different state, different city, or even just across town and finally out of your parents' home, you can find the neighborhood that would provide access to the inspiration of local culture and probably be the best place to live.

It's a bias like any other, but we like to think that where most people prefer to live is more likely dictated by local boutiques and restaurants and not by redeveloped fast-food and retailer franchises. We also believe the presence of some business like Pay Day Loan stores, Strip Clubs, and pawn shops have a hard time competing in charm with neighborhood cafes and bookstores. That's our opinion, call us crazy.

What creates a charming neighborhood?

We pulled in a tremendous amount of data about local business and crime and created a map that accurately answers the underlying elements that define neighborhoods and visualize where to live.

  • How local are the businesses?
  • How well are they liked by residents?
  • What kind of local institutions and amenities are nearby? Universities? Parks? Restaurants? Museums?
  • Is it inexpensive or expensive to live within the neighborhood?
  • What is the crime rate of the area?
  • What kind emphasis does the neighborhood put on health and environmentally friendly modes of transportation?

This visualization is the first of its kind and we welcome your feedback and input so we can make this even more helpful to you as you decide where you should live.

Using our index's insights we're able to find out the best places to live in each city:

In Seattle - Downtown area near 3rd and Seneca, Capitol Hill, and South Lake Union are the prime spots.

In Houston, West University Place and Rice Village Area rank pretty well followed by downtown near Smith St.

Best neighborhoods to live in Chicago are the Northern End of The Loop and parts of Streeterville near the Magnificient Mile.

Best neighborhoods to live in Atlanta are Little Five Points and parts of downtown near State Capitol.

In Washington DC - Georgetown Waterfront, 20th St & Pennsylvania Ave, and the Southern end of Woodley Park rank the best in charm.

In Phoenix - The best areas are Downtown near 3rd Ave and the stretch along N Central Ave.

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