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Studio Apartments: The Minimalist’s Apartment

Studio apartments come in all shapes and sizes, though maybe with more emphasis on different shapes. When it comes to size, you expect it to be on the smaller side of things because that’s what you are looking for: a studio.

So, what is a studio apartment? A studio apartment is generally a two room apartment where one room comprises the bedroom, living room, and kitchen and the second room is the bathroom. The majority of studio apartments within larger complexes have their utilities included and come with a space heater instead of central A/C. Kitchens vary between studio to studio and sometimes the only kitchen amenities included are sinks while others vary between having a condensed kitchenette and a others a full kitchen, so be sure to clarify what you’re getting. Also, many studio apartments come furnished with a bed, television, and dressers.

Studio apartments are great for a number of reasons. If you are a student trying to cut costs while going to college, you are probably going to seriously consider renting a studio apartment at some point. It’s doubtful you’ll ever need a full kitchen when top ramen and mac and cheese go so well with Sriracha anyway. Since many studios are month-to-month and some are even weekly, they are great for those new to an area that unsure where to begin when looking for longer-term apartments for rent. And of course, if you just need a cheap apartment for rent, a studio apartment is one of your best options.

Varieties in Studio Apartments for rent:

When it comes to rental living, studio apartments are one of the oddballs that can exist in many different scenarios. Sometimes you’ll find a Craigslist ad with a studio in someone’s basement, other times they are just another option in a traditional apartment complex. Sometimes you’ll find historic hotels that have turned their rooms into studio apartments for rent or in places like New York City or San Francisco, you’ll find a studio the size of a hallway and you will feel like the luckiest person on earth.

As one would expect, the name “studio apartment” differs all over the world while referring to the same basic thing, but here some fun facts about studios in other countries:

  • In Brazil, the term “studio” is used for modern appeal since it is an English term
  • In Singapore, “studio apartments” are specifically marketed to senior citizens
  • In Japan, “one room mansion” is the term commonly referred to their even smaller-sized studio apartments

Using RentLingo to find studio apartments for rent:

Finding your next studio apartment for rent is easy when using RentLingo as your apartment finder. We’ve compiled the best studio apartments in your area for you to choose from. With our apartment ratings and reviews, you have access to professional and unbiased insight on the pros and cons of the apartment you are looking at, what the neighborhood is like and whether other factors such as whether the property is pet-friendly or not, what type of amenities it has, apartment pictures, floor plans, if all bills are paid by the property management and more. Good luck with your apartment search!

User reviews for apartments in Dallas, Texas
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars, 3 reviews
unknown user
Great location, better rates than Uptown
Great location in an up-and-coming area with several bars and restaurants. Bigger townhomes and apartments at better rates than Uptown. Can be a bit sketchy as you go further east on Ross Ave but never had any problems.
review user
State Thomas Neighborhood - Quite and Cute
I moved here with another girl when I first moved to Dallas. This was a great place to be - cute and safe neighborhood with hidden gems of restaurants/bars.
review user
West Village is great
If you're looking for an urban place to live in Dallas - this is it. Walk to the grocery store, to bars, to shopping and more. It's lively day and night and easy to get to. Mondrian is also a great place to live.
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