Price $0 to $7000 / month
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Orion McCord Park

2050 Fm 423, Little Elm, 75068, TX

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Orion McCord Park Description
Imagine living in an oasis of tranquility surrounded by lush landscapes and serene parks. Orion McCord Apartments in Little Elm, TX is your destination to discover the luxurious lifestyle you’ve always desired. Stop imagining and start living!

The one, two, three and four-bedroom apartments offered by Orion McCord Park are posh and unique, exuding the traits of a mansion. Wrap yourself in the warm and comfortable ambiance of our exemplary homes and thoughtful amenities, such as our stainless-steel appliances, wood flooring, generous walk-in closets, and in select units, private patios and attached garages. Our pet-friendly community is more than ready to cater to the needs of your whole family, including your four-legged friend. We welcome you with an extensive array of exclusive amenities including a 150-foot resort-style pool, outdoor fireplace and grills, a 24/7 fitness center, splash park, clubroom with HDTV entertainment, and more, all at your fingertips.

The life you desire i
Floor Plans
Layout Size Price
1 bed / 1 bath 652 sqft $1,092 - $2,280
1 bed / 1 bath 743 sqft $1,151 - $2,440
1 bed / 1 bath 762 sqft $1,174 - $2,460
1 bed / 1 bath 726 sqft $1,220 - $2,486
1 bed / 1 bath 762 sqft $1,255 - $2,611
1 bed / 1 bath 787 sqft $1,506 - $3,129
1 bed / 1 bath 903 sqft $1,557 - $3,191
2 bed / 1 bath 1,177 sqft $1,760 - $3,999
2 bed / 2 bath 1,260 sqft $1,846 - $4,167
3 bed / 2 bath 1,578 sqft $2,042 - $4,672
3 bed / 2 bath 1,537 sqft $2,147 - $4,935
4 bed / 3 bath 1,910 sqft $2,501 - $5,950
* Prices, specials, and floorplan availability subject to change without notice
Orion McCord Park Amenities
Unit Level
Hardwood Floor
In Unit Laundry
Walk In Closet
Community Level
Controlled Access
Swimming Pool
Residents Lounge
Fitness Center
Business Center
Pet Policy
Cat Friendly
Dog Friendly
User Reviews
 Rated 1.0 / 5 stars by 4 residents
unknown user
September 12, 2016
Rated 1 / 5 stars

DO NOT MOVE IN TO THIS PROPERTY!!! We have had nothing but headaches ever since we have moved into this complex. The staff is of no help and are only concerned with getting leases signed. Once you have committed to the lease, then it seems they lose interest. The property manager is clueless; constantly sending out mass emails warning residents of different infractions, but never responding to direct emails/phone calls to her. Staff hang up on you if there is a REAL issue that they do not know how to handle. We have made several direct requests to one staff that have gone completely ignored. There is a serious rat problem; there are live and dead rats all over the property. Garbage blows all over because people do not put their trash in the bins. We can not wait to leave this complex.

unknown user
May 3, 2016
Rated 1 / 5 stars

If I could give this a negative stars I would. I am a current resident moving out two months before out lease is up. We are paying out the lease due to the fact that they are so concerned about money that they don't care what their tennents go through or how they have failed them.

NEVER NEVER NEVER even consider renting from this place. Im not one to write reviews good or bad but feel compelled to do so now. We have lived here 2 years (longer than most.) The staff is rude and uncaring. The apartment complex is rat infested! It is located next to a park and a there is new housing construction going on right behind the complex as well. The complex became rat infested about a year ago (they have been tick infested since we moved in.) I'm talking rats running up walls, across stoops, and nesting in cars. In the last 5 months we have had $1500 worth of repairs done to our cars due to rats nesting in the cars and chewing wires. Rats got into the walls of the apt. and the odor was putrid. We repeatedly told them and were told they would inform pest control. Never came to see inside our apt. We verbally complained about the severe rat problem more times than we can count. Only to be told they would pass it on to pest control when they saw them. We continually told them they were in the walls and we could hear them and that it smelled. They never came to look or smell our apartment. The smell became putrid like dead body. We complained, our neighbor complained and once again it fell of deaf ears. We were told repeatedly that the management would come and personally smell and see wha we were dealing with and they never showed up. We would call and they were conveniently unavailable. We felt compelled to close early on a house we were having built (originally the closing came at the time our lease was up) because we couldn't live in the stench any longer. Only when we went down and asked to be let out of our lease did they decide to actually send a maintanence worker down to experience the odor. They cut a hole in the wall and found dead rats and all that goes along with this, odor, flies, flies, flies. We have been finding huge blood filled ticks in the back bedrooms. I couldn't figure out where they were coming from or feeding off of. My son mentioned it was the rats. The potential for disease is huge with this sort of a problem.

So we asked to be let out of our lease a whole 1 1/2 months early since we felt like we had no choice but to close on our house early due to the living conditions here. They have flat refused and could care less about what we have gone through the expense to us or the fact that they didn't act on this months and month ago.

The rent they charge is rediculous and you will not be happy once you sign on the dotted line as they don't care about you after that and are very rude.

There are plenty of complexes being built to not have to deal with the problems that this complex has. Bottom line, if you want to deal with ticks, rats, and having to repair your cars on a regular basis because of rat damage than come on over. If not save yourself a lot of heart ache and find a different complex that cares more about their tenents. This is hands down one of the biggest mistakes we have made. We have never missed a payment or caused any trouble or damanged anything here. We have been good tenents but in the end that doesn't matter. Getting the money and not caring what you have suffered or that they didn't do their part is not a factor for them in any way. DONT DO IT!

unknown user
April 9, 2015
Rated 1 / 5 stars

We got the bait and switch on lease agreement. What we signed was not what we talked about in the office. Shame on me for not reading the fine print - but shame on management for purposely taking advantage of people. (they knew exactly what they were doing) The other problems we encountered were trash overload at the dumpsters and no internet access as promised for 3 full months. Worst apartment experience ever.

unknown user
July 28, 2014
Rated 1 / 5 stars
“Worst Decision of the Year”

Please see below for rating:


On our initial site tour, we were informed the units were "basically sound proof and very well insulated."However, what they fail to inform us this statement was relative and only applied if you were both thermoconforming and hearing impaired. Our electric bills ranged from $120-$150/month to maintain 72 degree temperature in the summer and 68 degree temperature in the winter when our apartment was only a one bedroom 782 square feet unit. We also constantly enjoyed the the pitter-patter of neighbor walking across the floor above us, the wintery sounds of car running over ice in the street, and the frequently updated ringtones of our neighbors through the walls. On the upside, we decided we didn't need a home security system because we could hear the potential intruders entering the gate at the club house.


We moved in July of 2013 when the complex was only about 50% complete. For approximately 3 months we had no sort of landscaping except for the random pet landmines from our friendly neighbors. At least we can only assume they were friendly due to the fact when we'd see them from our window walking their pet around our unit and rush out to meet them, they would apparently end their rest period of the marathon they were running and take off at a full sprint around the block. However, they were almost always nice enough to leave us those little presents behind just to let us know they were there and thinking about us.


To the best of our knowledge, the area was extremely safe. So much that the apartment complex elected to leave the gate of our gated community nonoperational for 6 months of our 12 month lease. We can only assume the notification we received in January of 2014 that the gate was installed/repaired(?) was to prevent pets and roaming children from wandering out on to FM 423. Based on the parade of vehicles that would both enter and exit with the click of one remote, we believe its safe to assume the gate was not installed for security issues.


Prime Real Estate for FUTURE Development!! If your employment requires you to work between the hours of 6:00 AM and 7:00 PM Monday-Friday and 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Saturdays and Sunday's, this is the place for you. If not, good luck. If you're required to enter/exit the property between these times I'm sure the Mansions staff would like to apologize for your delay due to traffic from FM 423 and the parking congestion from the Mansion's sponsored park.

If you are lucky enough to work from home and need some place to blow off some steam, you could always join the local apartment children gang and throw rocks at the vehicles in the parking lot, play kick ball in your neighbors driveway (the echo from ball hitting the garage doors deafening), or just relax in the middle of the driveways to prevent your neighbors from passing. Whatever you choose to appease that ornery streak.


We would like to personally thank this group for pointing out that my wife's hair is falling out so we can get medical attention as soon as possible. We had absolutely no idea that a persons hair could clog a shower drain, sink drain, and toilet all at once and must have been stupid thinking it was a plumbing issue since we had issues from day one. Obviously it was our fault and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Our hats off to these fine folks and in our eyes you're as good as a doctors (which must explain how you feel as well; since you took the authority to write your fix it ticket and prognosis on the back of our medical bill laying on the counter).


Oh where to start! Suggestion to Western Rim: Clean House! Except for the sweet girls you stick at the front desk to handle your upset customers. All sarcasm aside, if I receive an e-mail or letter from "management", if would be in your best interest to make time to discuss it rather than pawning off your responsibilities on your leasing girls while you sit in the back office. I have never been treated with so little respect and lack professionalism as I was by the management as at this complex while the front desk is left to defend a decision from management. Both the lack of accounting knowledge and business experience can ruin a potentially nice apartment complex. When an audit reveals an error in YOUR records or potential favorable monetary outcome for you, it is not acceptable to pass on penalties to your client without any forewarning.

Upon move out, we purposely moved everything from our unit 3 weeks prior to us turning in the keys. However, remarkable our water bill for the month that we didn't occupy the unit was 15% higher than any of the previous 11 months, we were charged a medium cleaning fee for a completely cleaned apartment (pictures taken for documentation), and a painting fee for over 700 SF for a unit with less than 12 months since last painting and nothing was hung on the wall. We were also charged a deposit of $80/key to enter the garage and front gate (when it wasn't already open) yet only reimbursed for one after they were turned it. Amazing how an audit can be so selective.

At this point, if you are still reading this review and have picked up on the sarcasm, I would not recommend this complex in the DFW area. Ironically enough, my current employment deals with construction, customer service, I have traveled to various city and location in the last 5 years and between my wife and myself lived in 12 complexes during this time frame and have never had such an enjoyable experience as we have at Mansions by the Lake. If you look past the faux construction that seems appealing, you will find this is not a place you'd like to live.

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