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Desert Club

  Rated 4.7 / 5 stars

6901 E Chauncey Ln, Phoenix, 85054, AZ

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RentLingo Editor's Review
We sent a former property manager to investigate

Desert Club likes to project a certain air of luxury to the property and succeeds in many ways without being contrived or overt. Apartments have a lot to offer to feel more like homes than repeated units. Pros include: Homes have a very unique design with amazing countertops, especially noticed with the curved breakfast bars. Patios (when available) are large and private. The 24-hour fitness center is spacious and has top-notch equipment. The pool area is spectacular and finely furnished. On the down side, most apartments are carpeted, which is a shame as the vinyl ones are absolute perfection. Most of the open parking is in the back of the complex - an issue for those living near the front of the development. Watch out: A lot of appliances utilize gas, which is subsidized to renters in the monthly rent statement.

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About The Location
We sent a former property manager to investigate

Desert Club is in a corner of several apartment complexes - a very calm neighborhood, though it sits at the edge of transition to commercial property. The neighborhood is always gated, which should never be an issue anyway as the area is very safe and quiet.

Desert Club Description
Desert Club offers a resort lifestyle right in your own backyard! Swim in the immense pool, cook and relax on the sundeck and chill out in the clubhouse! These uniquely designed homes come with gas ranges, marble countertops and many are garage-ready! Desert Club is a place perfectly suited for you!
Floor Plans
Layout Size Price
1 bed / 1 bath 715 sqft $1,740 - $3,828
1 bed / 1 bath 810 sqft $1,905 - $3,958
1 bed / 1 bath 824 sqft Call to confirm
2 bed / 2 bath 1,142 sqft $2,135 - $4,743
2 bed / 2 bath 1,153 sqft $2,290 - $4,188
2 bed / 2 bath 1,090 sqft Call to confirm
3 bed / 2 bath 1,327 sqft $2,815 - $4,565
* Prices, specials, and floorplan availability subject to change without notice
Desert Club Amenities
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Ceiling Fan
Hardwood Floor
High Ceilings
Walk In Closets
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Controlled Access
Swimming Pool
Business Center
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Pet Policy
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User Reviews
 Rated 1.0 / 5 stars by 2 residents
unknown user
November 12, 2016
Rated 1 / 5 stars
“Better Options in the Area”



Maintenance is pretty quick to respond to apartment issues but not gate issues.

Package alerts via email

Pet friendly

Garages- My garage is below my apartment which is awesome. The issue is there are a few more garages underneath my apartment which are pretty loud in the mornings and at night. One of the tenants that utilizes one of the garages underneath my apartment has a really loud motorcycle that vibrates the apartment every single time.


If you want to add a carport after you sign the lease, then you have to pay a lease change fee which is beyond ridiculous. It's just another way for the community to make money. As a matter of fact, any changes that you need require a lease change fee which is over $100. So make sure you plan for an additional vehicle/paid parking space and other things before signing the lease.

The floors are super thin. I'm on the 2nd floor and I can hear the chick upstairs walking constantly. I'm pretty sure it's a mixture of cheap craftsmanship and the fact that she walks really loud and hard.

The floor in my bedroom is also slanted in one area :( Also, there are a few areas where there are small lumps underneath the carpet. :/.

The carpet sucks. It was a little fluffy the first day but it's pretty obvious that it needs to be replaced. Btw, I'm not sure who installed it a long, long time ago but I can see where they had to patch it in certain areas :(

The A/C isn't that great when it's really hot. So, during the first two months my bill was pretty high. Thanks APS and thanks Desert Club.

Hard water.

My apartment is located directly across from the Lifetime Fitness pool. So, I have the pleasure of hearing screaming kids in the afternoons and loud music and bass in the mornings during water aerobics and on the weekends.

My dishwasher doesn't clean the dishes very well even though the dishwasher is brand new. This is really quite irritating since I have to wash the dishes by hand.

The tvs in the workout room no longer work due to Cox going digital. I was told that they were working on the problem but it's been almost two months. The big tvs started working again a few weeks ago, but I've yet to see the tvs that are part of the cardio equipment fixed.

Lighting isn't included in the bedrooms but there are fans.

The gates have not worked numerous times near my building. The last time this happened, it took 5 days to fix the gates. This was crazy because the chain broke on one of the gates so one side was open and one side was closed which meant jerks were usually the gate as an entrance instead of an exit. I really wish management would have stepped up and at least manually closed the broken gate until it could have been fixed. Even when the gates are fixed, there are certain residents who use them as an exit and entrance if someone just happens to be leaving the complex at the same time they are pulling in. Traffic spikes are a simple fix! There have been two times where the gates were screeching which is near my bedroom window. It took the apartment complex days to fix which is crazy. Imagine trying to sleep with a loud screeching noise happening numerous times throughout the night and morning.

I've put in maintenance requests for silly stuff that should have been taken care of before I moved in (i.e. Window leaking, screen door not closing, etc.)

In short, there are other newer apartment complexes in the area. My advice would be to shop around. I acted hastily since I needed something quick until I move out of state.

unknown user
August 13, 2016
Rated 1 / 5 stars
“Nothing to see here folks...”

Nothing to see here folks... It's better to check out the newer apartments available in the area. Desert Club needs to really think about some updates to their apartments. The complex is 14 years old & the apartments have not been updated since it was built. Because of the many reviews that point out Desert Club is old and is in need of updates in the apartments they are finally starting to put in new appliances but nothing else in their apartments are being renovated. It's like putting a Band-Aid on a serious cut.

I've lived at Desert Club & will not be renewing my lease. Desert Club does not have a smoking policy. You are unable to get into a building that has no smokers. This is important because you can get next to a smoker and you will smell it inside your apartment. If you complain that you can smell smoke in your apartment they will offer you to transfer to another apartment with a transfer fee. All the other new apartment complexes in the area have non-smoking buildings. Smoking is allowed at the pool. On many weekends there will be four or five people smoking cigars at the pool. If you complain about the cigar smokers, management will just say that is it is allowed. Desert Club fails to see the pool area should be non-smoking so everyone can enjoy it.

Desert Club has numerous trash bins around the complex. These trash bins are old and do not have covers. The newer complexes in the area all have covered trash bins. This is important if you do not want to smell rotting trash. With Desert Club not updating to the new covered trash bins the smell of rotting trash in the summer heat of phoenix can be overwhelming. During the monsoon season of July through September the wind is constantly blowing trash out of the open trash bins.

Another reason why I am not renewing my lease, you cannot get fast Internet speeds in your apartment. Newer apartments in the area all have fiber optics going directly into your apartment for ultra high-speed access. Desert Club is not wired for you to get blast high-speed Internet from Cox. You are stuck with low speed Internet because the wiring is copper wiring not fiber optics. Plus with the complex being 14 years old much of the copper wiring has degraded so your Internet speeds will be much slower. If you want to stream TV or do work from your apartment you will want to look elsewhere.

Parking at desert club is unacceptable. Expect frustration. If you're not paying extra for a garage or under a canopy expect to park in the back south west parking lot (read the other reviews about parking and the Managers response) That is the only available parking. When you're carrying groceries from your car to your apartment from this parking lot expect to walk 10 minutes. Not fun when it's HOT outside.

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