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8727 Point Park Dr, Houston, TX 77095

  Rated 3.2 / 5 stars

8727 Point Park Dr, Houston, TX 77095, Houston, 77084, TX

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RentLingo Editor's Review
We sent a former property manager to investigate

Overall, the Villages of Copperfield is a decent community even though it's one of the less impressive apartment complexes in the area. A few buildings show some signs of wear and tear like chipped paint on stair rails, but most are in decent shape. Residents here have access to basic amenities like a hot tub, swimming pool, and tennis court. It's located in the Cypress Fair ISD, and it's minutes away from Cypress Falls High School. Pros include: Select units come with washers and dryers. Residents have access to basic amenities. Units come with private patios. Community is in a popular location. On the down side, the property is showing some wear. Most buildings have an older look to them. Not as impressive as other communities in the nearby area.

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About The Location
We sent a former property manager to investigate

The Villages of Copperfield is right next to the busy Highway 6, which is lined up with virtually every major business you can think of, from restaurants to parks. It's in one of the safer areas in Northwest Houston, and it's a couple of minutes away from Highway 290.

8727 Point Park Dr, Houston, TX 77095 Description
Bear Creek 2/2$920 w/fitness center, pool - Property Id: 43543

PLEASE CONTACT BEFORE APPLYING. If you wish to apply please call Bryan Williams @ Apartment Dispatch directly at 972-748-3705 for instructions on how to apply.

Bear Creek / Houston unit w/Pool, Gated entrance, Assigned parking, Door to door trash pickup, Laundry room,

Interior Amenities: W/D connections, Walk-in closets, Private patios/balconies, Storage closet outside, Non-carpeted flooring, Dishwashers, Garbage disposals, Fire places, Ceiling fans, Miniblinds

This unit is NOT second chance leasing and does not work with credit issues. Bryan Williams @ Apartment Dispatch 972-748-3705 or **** Email, Call, or Text anytime. Fastest way to reach me is my website below to fill out a quick questionnaire. Free apartment locator with 10 years experience. Email me for a FREE list of properties. All information is deemed accurate but not guaranteed, pricing and policies are subject to change without notice.

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Property Id 43543

8727 Point Park Dr, Houston, TX 77095 was built in 1985.
Floor Plans
8727 Point Park Dr, Houston, TX 77095 is a 1-unit apartment complex featuring 2 Bed floorplans.
Layout Size Price
2 bed / 2 bath 886.0 sqft Call to confirm
* Prices, specials, and floorplan availability subject to change without notice
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User Reviews
 Rated 1.0 / 5 stars by 4 residents
unknown user
March 7, 2016
Rated 1 / 5 stars
“Illegally disgusting ”

Most horrible apartment complex I have ever lived at. makes living in the ghetto seem like Hollywood. if your looking for this to be your next apartment, your better off scouting to see if you can snag a spot under a bridge first. all the stuff they painted in the sink and the shower chipped off in the first week, I called and told them, they did nothing. there are 1,000,000,000 roaches. this is not an exaggeration. doesn't matter if you don't even bring any food in, they live in the walls with the rats. there has been a hole in my ceiling for at least the last 2 months. I have called several times and have not gotten a response. the first time I called they told me it was an emergency, and that they would be out right away. two months later, and every time it rains water poor's into my closet. I told them I was being required to get my registration at the court, and I would have to request time, to please give me a couple days to get it fixed, they said it will still get towed. don't be fooled by the apartment they show you on the walkthrough, it will bear absolutely no resemblance to were you will be living. they will more then likely post something right after this to try and justify everything, just know there liars, and have absolutely no remorse for there tenants. by the way its a 7% mandatory increase at renewal, so if your planning on being here for a while despite the awful conditions, then in a few years you will be paying an obscene amount. if you don't believe me, check back tomorrow, when i get home ill snap a photo of the hole in my ceiling that appears to be starting to mold.

unknown user
January 14, 2016
Rated 1 / 5 stars
“no stars is better”

This is the worst apartments I lived here 2 year paid rent late twice. The last time these people came into my apartment and took my things my TV laptop and Playstation 4. I thought I been in a robbery but without notice the management team decided to take my things and until we paid them ..... we were 6 day late. These are the most bullshit apartments they never give notice are infested with bugs and most disrespectful people. This new management is horrible who ever was here before needs to get rehired. Don't live here if you don't like people entering your home without notice or don't like the chance of your home being burned down 4 fires in past 2 years or like living with drug deals want to be thugs and drug addicts.

unknown user
October 23, 2015
Rated 1 / 5 stars
“Negative 5 stars”

I have never done a review about any business before. I will even be reporting this one to the BBB. The Villages of Copperfield is an awful apartment complex. Thank God I moved out in August.

First, they moved me into the wrong apartment. It was the completely wrong floor plan (which was a lot smaller than I'd asked for). They gave me no discount and wanted me to move into the right floor plan four months after my actual move-in date because they didn't have any of the bigger apartments available then. They weren't going to pay to have me move again. Was I supposed to live out of boxes? The apartment they moved me into was not even ready to be moved into. It was filthy. I had to pay a cleaning company to come clean it. There were no kitchen cabinets, the washer hook-ups were rusted. Behind the dyer wall was a straight up hole in the wall, so big someone could have moved my dryer and probably figured out how to break in. There were blinds missing, the bathtub was broken, the toilet constantly ran. Thank goodness my boyfriend is an engineer who fixed a lot of the things for me because it took them 2 months to even get my kitchen some cabinets. The front door and all of the windows had several cracks in it at the top and bottom. When they would power wash the property, they would push mud and water all over my carpet and inside my apartment, and they never came to fix this! I told them several times that the bathtub liner was wrinkled and needed to be repaired, and all they did was schedule someone to come paint the tub. The first time, I called and said that's not what was wrong with the tub, so they scheduled another appointment... to REPAINT the tub!! It was frustrating and awful. They took forever to fix ANYTHING.

Second, I should have been given something off my rent for having to live in an apartment I didn't want or ask for. However, the man who showed me around the complex neglected to show me the full property. Had he have, I would have never moved in. The property is constantly dirty. It is very loud and the management doesn't upkeep anything. The gym is only open during business hours. What good does that do anyone?? I was misled when I asked if they had "garden tubs," no apartment has a garden tub, but I was told that I could pay extra to receive one.

Third, my biggest complaint is the office staff. Awful. The accountant- Kim- is very rude and clearly needs to learn math. I actually had to go over their ledgers after she yelled at me in the middle of the office that I owed money that I didn't owe. I fought them until the last month of me living there (7 months) over this money since I'd overpaid a deposit from the larger apartment I was supposed to receive. Kim yelled at me in the office that I owed the money, got really snide and snarky with me. So I got the ledgers, highlighted everything, walked back into the office and the manager just said "oh, you're right." I've never been late on a rent payment or any other bill payment. I am a law student who is rather responsible and needs to keep her credit in check. I am a good tenet, and I keep my apartment spic and span because my anxiety acts up in dirty environments. I left the apartment cleaner (not hard) than it was when I moved in. I even paid for the exterminator to get rid of the ants and roaches from the neighbors (gross!). They never sent me my final water bill and just forwarded it to collections. Thank gosh the collections people gave me a call before reporting it because I didn't even know about the bill. The management charged a "rental income fee" and refuse to return my call to tell me what this is.

I paid everything and even if I'm out 90 dollars that I don't owe, it's worth it. I'll gladly pay to get rid of these people. Good riddance.

Concluding, I'm warning you-- don't move in here. It's a wonderful neighborhood. Find another apartment. These are awful. You'll die a little everyday you live here. You'll regret ever even coming in to look at the apartments. It's so awful how many shootings, fires, and robbery happen. You'll be scared, frustrated, and angry for the duration of your stay here. These are the worst apartments I've ever lived in and have ever even seen.

unknown user
July 8, 2015
Rated 1 / 5 stars
“this dump doesnt even deserve one star”

Listen to the reviews because I was once like you looking at apartments and these ones seemed to be alright and I decided that it can't be as bad as the reviews right? Wrong! They are the worst!! The bathtubs and sinks are painted and will start chipping away most likely the second week of living there(if not the first few days).Not to mention that when the paint chipps off on the tiles you will see the many layers that have been covered up overtime with mold and mildew. They don't fix anything correctly or promptly. They will come in your apartment without leaving any notice. Oh be sure not to park under any trees because if it falls on your car they will say "its an act of god". Ha really? Is it? Or its it an act of bad maintence. The apartments are old and trashy so many people selling and doing drugs everywhere and people getting shot and killed, fights, etc. Oh and look forward to a building catching on fire it happens at least twice a year at these apartments. Two of the fires that happened while I lived there burned down the entire buildings which they had to rebuild. If you do stay here it may be wise to invest in renters insurance in case of a fire that destroys all you have or maybe to protect against someone breaking in and stealing your stuff because that happens a lot here. Come to think about it you just may want to purchase some type of alarm system or install cameras around your apartment and car to protect your belongings. That's if you can find a spot near your apartment because parking is extremely tight and the truck drivers like to park there trucks in the apartments on the main street like its a truck stop. Oh and look forward to having a pest issue because of dirty neighbors there will be plenty of roaches infesting your apartment. Also, always make sure you keep your receipts for your money orders because they will say you didn't turn it in when you actually did. The rent will go up about $80 when you renew too so that's something to be excited about. Ohh and the best part is look forward to them keeping your full deposit and charging you an outrageous amount that you know you didn't damage the apartment that much. Good luck with everything and dealing with the *not so smart* (using kind words) women in the front office that are extremely unprofessional and loud that specialize in ripping off and creating a horrible experience for any one living there.

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