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5415 Maple Ave

5415 Maple Ave, Dallas, 75235, TX

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Joel Bryant

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5415 Maple Ave is a 5-unit apartment complex featuring 1 to 2 Bed floorplans.
Layout Size Price
1 bed / 1 bath 653.0 sqft $1,275
1 bed / 1 bath 590.0 sqft $1,300
1 bed / 1 bath 874.0 sqft $1,600
2 bed / 2 bath 1,200.0 sqft $1,980
2 bed / 2.5 bath 1,282.0 sqft $2,000
* Prices, specials, and floorplan availability subject to change without notice
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User Reviews
unknown user
November 3, 2016
Rated 1 / 5 stars
“Honest Review”

I am not a fan of leaving bad reviews, but I honestly wish I would have been warned about some of the things we have encountered since moving in here 7 months ago. So here we go! My honest pros and cons about our experience living in this complex:


+ Excellent layouts, brand new apartments with great storage options

+ Tons of natural light

+ Huge luxury pool, fun courtyard, and nice gym


- People are getting evicted constantly. I'm not sure why this keeps happening? Maybe management isn't doing their due diligence on confirming income, but we have already seen 5 in the last two months. This has involved upset tenets and police force. Makes us wonder who we are living around....

- Apparently,eviction laws come with having to put contents of their apartment on the curb for 24 hours. Which means you drive up and see a whole apartment's worth of stuff on the lawn. This brings some sketchy people around digging through the contents and makes you feel like you are on an episode of Hoarders. This is a REGULAR occurrence.

- This area is VERY slowly going through a gentrification, but in the meantime, there are MANY sketchy people around. I could tell countless stories of being approached by people on the street.

- I have been approached on four separate occasions by men that do NOT live here. They try to ask me things and then try following me back into the apartment. Thank goodness the door locks behind me, but it's disturbing watching them try to open it and follow me up. This is NOT okay. Management blows it off and tells you to submit a police report if you are concerned.

- There is a homeless person living out of their car on the street right by our stairwell. He watches us come and go all day, knows our schedule, and it's the only place to let out our dog.

- There are homeless people living on the benches outside of the complex. They also will sleep there and watch people come and go all day. Occasionally try to approach you.

- Be careful when walking down the stairwells because homeless people try to sneak in and sleep/live underneath them.

- They do NOT keep this complex clean. It hasn't even been open that long and there are stains all over the hallways and dirt everywhere. Tenants throw trash and beer cans in the hallways and stairwells. It just sits there for months... no one every cleans it up.

- The door by our unit has been broken for 4 months. Every time it opens and closes it SLAMS because it doesn't shut properly. We have asked management to fix it multiple times and nothing every happens. Can you imagine sitting in you "home" listening to something SLAM every 5-10 minutes?!!

- You can hear EVERYTHING from other units. Our neighbors have a newborn baby. Every time it cries we hear it through the walls. Including in the middle of the night. Getting a wake-up call all night for a baby that isn't even yours is super fun. We can also hear our upstairs neighbors every time they walk, turn on the shower, run their washer and dryer, play fetch with their dog, pretty much every move they make.

- They are towing Nazi's!!! As you can imagine no one really wants to park on the street here. The parking is limited in the garage even for guests. They recently added more spaces, but it's still not very good. They love to send out threatening emails weekly about how you need to register guests cars. If you don't update it on the portal every 8 hours they WILL get towed.

- Management won't fix problems but are SUPER quick to fine you for everything they can think of. This wasn't the way when we first moved in. They changed management companies and they are a total NIGHTMARE.

- Management loses packages ALL the time. They will tell you they don't have them, even when they do. They need to figure out how to track their inventory correctly.

If you made it through that I'm impressed!! If you have a dog or are worried about safety, I would NOT recommend this complex. It isn't a complex you can go for a run at or go walk your dog without worrying. The management is a total nightmare and everything is just so sketchy. The nice units and amenities are just not enough to make up for it.

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Reviews around the Neighborhood
unknown user
Great location, better rates than Uptown
Great location in an up-and-coming area with several bars and restaurants. Bigger townhomes and apartments at better rates than Uptown. Can be a bit sketchy as you go further east on Ross Ave but never had any problems.
review user
State Thomas Neighborhood - Quite and Cute
I moved here with another girl when I first moved to Dallas. This was a great place to be - cute and safe neighborhood with hidden gems of restaurants/bars.
review user
West Village is great
If you're looking for an urban place to live in Dallas - this is it. Walk to the grocery store, to bars, to shopping and more. It's lively day and night and easy to get to. Mondrian is also a great place to live.
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