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RentLingo’s Official Pet Resume

Found the perfect apartment, but the landlord doesn’t allow pets? Or maybe the breed restrictions are restricting your Rottweiler?

While a pet resume won’t guarantee acceptance of your pet, it helps build the case that you are a responsible pet owner and that your companion is well-behaved. We interviewed several property managers and asked them what type of information might persuade them to accept a pet that they normally would disallow.

Use the following Pet Resume Builder to easily create the perfect resume for your pet.
You can then download your pet resume as pdf or word document for free!
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Dear ,

In regards to living at


Tip: Include pictures of your pet in a happy state. If available, show your pet in the presence of other people or with a child.
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About :

Tip: About my Pet
  • Include basic information on pet such as gender, breed, weight, and age
  • Is your pet vaccinated, spayed and neutered?
  • If your dog is part of a restriction breed, make sure to mention that it’s not purebred.
  • What is your pet’s personality like? Quiet? Calm? Energetic?

How I look after :

Tip: How I look after my pet
  • What do you love about your pet and why are they important to you?
  • (For dogs) What’s their bathroom schedule like? How do you accommodate this with work?
  • How much exercise/outdoor time do you give each day? The more outdoor time a pet receives, the less energy they will have over for barking inside.
  • How do you keep your animal clean from fleas?
  • Where do you plan on taking them for exercise from this rental?
  • Do you have a dog walker?
  • Why will this apartment be a good fit for your pet and why will your pet be a good tenant?

Obedience Training:

Tip: Obedience Training
  • Is your pet house-broken? Are they voice trained? How long have they been?
  • Have you taken any training classes with your pet? Can you provide any certificates of completion? Can you provide a reference?
  • Include that you are willing to take any types of training classes that would ease your landlord’s conscience.

Previous Rental Experience:

Tip: Previous Rental Experience
  • Has your pet lived in a rental before?
  • How similar will this rental be to the previous?
  • Important: Attach documentation of previous security deposit and how much you received at the end of your stay
  • Do you have renter’s insurance that will cover your pet?
  • Include your previous/current landlord’s phone number to use as a pet reference.
  • If you own a dog, ask for a previous/current neighbor’s testimony on their barking

Health History:

Tip: Health History
  • How often do you take your animal to the vet?
  • Where will you go for vet care from this apartment?
  • Include your vet’s or a previous vet’s reference information, and/or signed letter documenting your animal’s health and check-up history
“Most inappropriate and damaging animal behavior is due to inconsistent health examinations. Everyone wins and that includes landlords, pet owners and their pets from consistent check-ups.” - Dan Laufer, CEO, RentLingo

Experience with children and other pets:

Tip: Experience with children and other pets
  • Is your pet affectionate towards other animals?
  • Is your pet child-affectionate? References?

List of Pet References:

Name Relationship Phone Number Email

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