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Parent's Guide To Student's First Move

Having your child move out for the first time can be intimidating. As a parent, you may be worried about your child's ability to take care of themselves while away from you. Properly planning ahead can give you peace of mind and save you time in the future.

Use the following form to easily create a life-saving cheat sheet for your child's first move.
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Our purpose in creating this information guide is to help you organize your information. There is no intent to use any information for marketing purposes. If you have questions or concerns, please email
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Part 1: Important Contacts

Every parent faces some level of insecurity about their student moving away for the first time. Fill out this list of useful contacts for easy access to your student well-being.
Person Name Relationship Phone Email Address

Part 2: Cost Of Living

Your student’s adventure through college will be both one of yours and their costliest endeavors. Keeping track of your expenses and how much they receive for groceries, eating out, and other living fees will keep both of you in the know-how of how much is needed.
Expenditure Amount ($)
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Part 3: Important Dates

A simple record of dates you might want to consider in advance. Or when you send your student a care package to help with studying.
Event Date(s)

Part 4: Schooling Schedule

Coming from a student’s perspective, there’s nothing more irksome than your mom calling you every class, not answering when you call back, and then calling again when you are back in class. For both of your sakes, record your student’s schedule and call when they can actually talk to you.
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