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What is RentLingo's Noise Level Index?

While there are many aspects to consider when searching for a new apartment, the noise level of the neighborhood is often the most overlooked and difficult to answer. Yet, anyone that has lived in a noisy area will tell you how annoying it is to be unable to sleep at night due to a passing train. Or what it is like to have someone throw up in your front yard in the middle of the night.

Not surprisingly, noise levels tell a lot about the area and when you are new to town, it can be especially hard to know the intricacies that only locals might now. So, if you are looking for a vibrant social scene within walking distance, you are going to want some nearby noise. If you are looking for a mellower area so that your kids can play in the street, you’ll want to stay away from busy roads. However, how loud an area is during the night and day is more difficult to answer when you’ve only checked out a specific place once or twice.

Since creating transparency within the apartment rental market is our mission, we created a Noise Index to show renters just how noisy their potentially new neighborhood is.

The Noise Index is influenced by leveraging several factors, including:

  • Current construction activity
  • The proximity of restaurants, bars and clubs
  • The concentration of commercial activity within an area
  • The amount of traffic nearby roads receive
  • The proximity of major transportation routes such as highways, railroads, and public transit

With this information, we mapped noise by decibel to geographic areas less than the size of a block for maximum transparency. You can adjust the noise heat map to view your area during the night and day and by selecting a specific area, you can learn just what type of noise is contributing to the area’s score.

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