Low income apartments in Sacramento, CA

12 low income housing and Section 8 apartments for rent in Sacramento, CA

Searching for Section 8 housing and low income apartments for rent in Sacramento? Here you go! Take a gander at the best affordable apartments in Sacramento below.
Showing only Section 8 / low income apartments.
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Does Sacramento low income apartment mean low-quality apartment?

Absolutely not. That's why RentLingo offers apartment reviews and ratings for Section 8 apartments for rent as well as other apartments. Our purpose is to bring to light the best apartments available for any budget. A good property manager will insist on creating the best apartment community they can. Since those property managers that include Section 8 housing are guaranteed a large portion of rents due to government subsidies, there is no reason for them to abstain from providing high-quality apartment living. RentLingo is here to makes sure that renters know that these outstanding apartment communities exist.

User reviews for apartments in Sacramento, California
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Del Oro High
I've lived in midtown for about eight months and it's been awesome. Everything is within walking distance or biking distance, there are tons of restaurants and bars, trees are EVERYWHERE, and it's pretty safe even late at night compared to a lot of areas.
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RentLingo is your trusted apartment finder in Sacramento. We hire local experts, such as former property managers and locators to anonymously tour and consistently rate and review every available place. They share their honest and unbiased perspective with you, so you know how every rental ranks in the area. Because our experts tour every property, we can offer consistent apartment ratings across every region. So unlike finding a Backpage or Craigslist rental, you can trust these apartments are verified and trustworthy: whether it's a cheap studio or a one bedroom with all utilities paid all the way up to a nice house for rent or a luxury condo.

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