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City Guide for Apartments in Orlando
What does Disney World, hurricanes, and retirement have in common? Yes, they have something in common. They are the trifecta image of Orlando for out-of-staters. However, that image is a little off because Walt Disney World Resort is located about 20 miles south of downtown and hurricanes usually do not have much of an effect on the area since it’s inland. As for retirement, well that part is true since the region is considered one of the best places to retire in the U.S. because of how cheap living is, easy access to excellent healthcare, savings opportunities (no state income tax!), golfing and retirement communities.

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Yet, Orlando is much more than a retirement destination. Factors such as being the largest business center in central Florida, home to UCF, having an excellent nightlife scene, great job growth, and a cheap cost of living have resulted in the city being ranked 9th in the nation by Forbes as the best city to be single in. Though, that might be a major draw for single retirees, too.

If you are moving to the region and want to immerse yourself in the city’s businesses, entertainment, and culture, there’s no better place than going downtown. You have to love that even while living among downtown’s skyscrapers and having access to the nightlife and restaurants of Orlando’s financial district, you can still walk to the pet-friendly Lake Eola Park with your pup, get a bite, see a live performance and go for a paddle boat ride.

This brings up two enclaves, Eola and the Financial District, of downtown’s five. While the financial district is where you will find picturesque city living and many of Orlando’s largest businesses, Eola has more of a residential vibe. Living in each of these areas will cost you because they are such desired locations and while apartment searching in the city can be difficult, if you use an apartment guide, you’ll be able to uncover the many luxury apartments, lofts and townhouses with bills paid available for rent.

Located in uptown, another of downtown’s enclaves, you will find Loch Haven Park. Loch Haven Park is one of downtown most popular neighborhoods and lays claim to the city’s cultural capital. Right within the neighborhood are the Science Center, the Shakespeare Theater (where the highly-reviewed Shakespeare festivals take place), the city's Museum of Art as well as other theaters and museums. In fact, Orlando created the Cultural Park Master Plan in 2009 to focus the city’s cultural institutions right within Loch Haven Park.

College Park is hailed as one of the city’s best neighborhoods if you are looking to be close to downtown, but not surrounded by it 24/7. Although located just a few miles away, College Park has a strong sense of community and is known for all of the events that it hosts throughout the year that give residents a reason to go out, have fun, and be a part of the neighborhood. Edgewater Drive is College Park’s main drag where you will find many restaurants and coffee shops such as Downtown Credo Coffee, boutiques, and other stores most of which are locally-owned. This is also where you will find community events such as Jazzfest, Dancing on Drive and the Edgewater Drive Farmer’s Market.

College Park has a younger, trendy vibe to its neighborhood, so you’ll find many twenty-somethings and young professionals in the area, though it’s also a great spot for families and anyone that works downtown. College Park’s residential areas are a nice mix of tree-lined streets with single-family homes and houses for rent. However, along Edgewater Drive, you can find some great studio apartments for rent. Also, here’s a fun fact: Jack Kerouac lived in College Park when living On The Road was published and The Dharma Bums was written. Contemporary writers can apply to live in his house for a season and write where the famous author once scribbled his tales of transience.

Orlando is home to several colleges and universities such as Valencia College and Seminole State University, but the city’s biggest draw for education is the University of Central Florida. UCF has been rated the third best up-and-coming university by U.S. News & World Report due to its student life, academics, and faculty. With many contributions to research on optics, simulation and modeling, digital media, and many other areas of academia, UCF appeals to many disciplines. Also, the university’s mascot is Pegasus which is probably the coolest mascot ever. Students tend to live in a mixture of school-run living facilities, and homes for rent in the surrounding residential neighborhoods. Luckily, being east of the more expensive areas of Orlando allows for many cheap apartment options with the chances of scoring an all utilities included apartment all the more likely, though apartment finders will want to avoid using Craigslist for these because they are not always trustworthy in the area.

For apartment hunters who qualify for Section 8 / low income apartments, check out this list of section 8 eligible apartments in Orlando.

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