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Studio $1,654
1 Bedroom $2,046
2 Bedroom $2,626
3 Bedroom $3,271

Average rent on Backpage and Craigslist Oakland, California: $2,220

User reviews for apartments in Oakland, California
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars, 14 reviews
review user
Lake Merritt
good walking distance to BART and therefore SF, without having to spend an arm and a leg
unknown user
Colorado, Stanford
Excellent vibe near ball park
4th and King. Great location next to caltrain, the ball park, and safeway. Two minutes from 280, perfect for peninsula commuters.
unknown user
UGA, Stanford
Quiet Neighborhood
Great, chill neighborhood with good restaurants. Easy walk down the hills to both North Beach and the Financial District. Definitely recommend!
review user
UPenn, Zimride
Great place to live
I love the Tenderloin Heights area, or so I've called it. You're just out of the Tenderloin craziness, but it's so close if you want to hit a dive bar or some great ethnic food. It's a short walk to BART, but you're out of the tourist zone of Union Square. And you don't have to walk all the way up to Nob Hill.
review user
Kent State
North Beach
My buddy lives in North Beach and I have stayed with him many times. It is a great diverse town that has a great China Town as well as my favorite Little Italy I have ever been too. Great food, great shops, and no need for a car because the transportation is cheap and fun. My buddy loves it here and it is a great place to land.
unknown user
Stanford, Michigan, Bain & Company
Telegraph Hill
Pros: - Nice to be close to the water & the Embarcadero - Streets are quiet at night - Close to a nice selection of bars & several restaurants in North Beach - Accessible (walkable) to North Beach, Nob Hill, FiDi, etc (even SOMA) Cons: - Need to avoid the tourist traps of North Beach - A bit of a trek up the hill to get up to livelier areas - Not super close to the BART - Can be pretty quiet/dead in the immediate surroundings (may also be a pro) Overall a great place to sublet for a few months over the summer!
review user
Georgia Tech, Bain & Company, Harvard
Potrero Hill is a great surprise! Sunny!
If you're looking for a slower pace than the city, Potrero Hill hits the spot. My partner and I landed here because of the easy commute to the peninsula (she's a Stanford student) and the airport (I'm a consultant). Parking is also really easy. And for getting into the city, it's an easy walk to the KT line in Dogpatch. We were then pleasantly surprised by the number of restaurant gems in the area. There's one of everything you need: Corner market, coffee shop, sandwich shop, Mexican, Vietnamese, French, and a handful of rather stellar dive bars. Also, don't underestimate the power of a little vitamin D. It's consistently sunny here when it's foggy in the city.
review user
Russian Hill - pretty and quiet, tough parking, short on good restaurants
Neighborhood: Hyde is one of the few tree-lined streets in San Francisco, and it definitely made the entire neighborhood more serene and beautiful. Parking: Russian Hill is notoriously bad for parking - I had to pay $250 a month for a spot a 10 minute walk away or risk 30 minutes of circling the neighborhood when I got home from work. Dining: There weren't a ton of restaurants in the neighborhood that we liked.
unknown user
Great location
Lived here for a year when I first moved to the city. It's a 10 minute walk into the Financial District, so very convenient if you work downtown and don't have a car. Grant and Green is a scene on weekends with plenty of cool bars and restaurants, but Kearny is up the hill enough that it's quiet at night.
unknown user
Stanford, Duke
Russian Hill
Great central location if working downtown. Can walk to the financial district in under 15 minutes, North Beach in 5-10 mins, Polk Street in 5 mins, and Cow Hollow / Marina in 15 mins. It's a bit of a trek to the Mission, but how many pairs of skinny jeans and plaid shirts can one person own? The neighborhood is quiet and residential, which is great if that's what you're looking for. And it's called Russian Hill for a reason -- tough to walk anywhere without facing a rather steep incline, but makes for great views (and we could all use the workout anyways, right?). If I were to do it again, I would live in the Marina. Not for the night life, but because it is one of the few places in the city that feels like a real city. Shops, restaurants, gyms, and the like -- all at your finger tips. During the day, there are people out and about and it feels alive and dynamic (unlike Russian Hill which is still and quiet all day, every day).
unknown user
Stanford, Berkeley, McKinsey & Company, eBay
The Avalon at Mission Bay (4th and 5th at King) is a convenient and luxurious spot. Certainly, it's a bit on the pricey side, but if you can split the rent with a good group, it' can turn into a good deal. Incredible amenities include: BBQ pits, basketball courts, gym, and even a rock climbing wall. Okay, that last one is pretty useless but still good marketing.
unknown user
Can be sketchy at 1am.
unknown user
Really cool neighborhood. An indian enclave, just starting to gentrify.
unknown user
fun farmer's market on the weekends
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